Why Contribute? 

In the age of Black Lives Matter, I'm seeing how essential it is to uplift the work and lives of Black people worldwide, specifically Black women. A question I have been asking non Black allies who consume Black content in one way or another, is how do you give back? Black folks give so much, and often, people consume us without filling up the well. I'm asking that you do everything in your power to fill up the well of a Black person you personally know, or admire, or love.

If you're scrolling through our Instagrams and finding great content, reading our articles, wearing our hairstyles or listening to our music, I hope, I actually pray, that you're giving back in some way, big or small. So if you're on my page this is my challenge to you: Amplify my work or at least contribute. If it's not my work that gets your heart moving then I'm sure there's a Black woman out there who inspires you. Find that person and find a way to replenish the well. 

I would also like to shout out other Black women you may want to follow who give so much of their creative labor to the planet: Teju Adisa FarrarMonique A. RobinsonNkei Oruche, and Radiyah Ayobami. Also, this idea is not my own, it's coming from Sonya Renee Taylor, author of The Body is Not An Apology and truly, she is EVERYTHING. So definitely follow her. Amplify. Uplift. Contribute. Thank you.